How to save Associate Cards and exchange contact information


Associate brings people and businesses together on your terms.

sharing-associateWhen you connect using Associate, you identify how the other person chooses to communicate. What social platforms they are actively using… What is their current focus… Who are they recommending… What is a current number and email, and more… WITHOUT THE NEED TO SEARCH!

No more second guessing, searching only to find unmaintained, irrelevant or hurtful information. Distractions are sometimes plain unnecessary! So is wasting time 🙂
With Associate, your control what you want to show and where you choose to be seen.

Saving Associate cards to your account is like bookmarking your favorites, but allows you to do a whole lot more.

For example, when you save an Associate card, you can choose whether you exchange contact details or not. And if you do, but later change your mind, you can use the Forget Me feature.

The Forget Me feature is found in your main menu and allows you to see a current list of people with your contact information in their Associate contacts. So you can selectively or globally remove your details.

Check out the video on saving and exchanging contact information above.

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