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Friends Associating with the Associate appIf you are like most people in the ‘Connected World’ you have probably joined far more Social platforms, made more emails and possibly feature in more shared photos and videos than you remember.

In fact, the average number of Social platforms we join is 5.4, but generally are only active on 1 to 2. So when friends go searching… What are they finding? When prospective employers go searching, what are they finding? In a perfect world, we could click and unwanted or incorrect personal history would just go away. Old abandoned accounts just close AND Google would forget… But alas… not the case.

So maybe, we could provide others with maintained and current information.
Legitimate info and links that ARE legit and that you can control.


Associate lets you put all the ways YOU CHOOSE to communicate, and that you control, in ONE PLACE! When you update or pull down information, it is instant. YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

You can choose to link any blogs or social media if you wish, where others can actively engage with you. BUT if you just want to promote what you are doing, with no chance of trolls publicly attacking you in your own space, then Associate is for you. You can promote your voice. You can choose to link if you want. BUT IT’S UP TO YOU.

So when you next bump into a friend, don’t just communicate. Associate on YOUR TERMS where you say… This is how I engage. Update in seconds. Collect favorites. And while you’re at it, use the great features of Associate understanding whats nearby, vouchers, coupons and more.

Get Associate for FREE now.

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