Building a Network


Let’s say you’re a Carpenter. You have a mate who is a plumber and another who is an electrician.

Did you know that in a tap (as in click, not plumber.. joke 🙂) you can create your own trade network right from your Associate card. This means that when someone is viewing your Associate card, they can see your network of trusted and recommended colleagues. And of course, others can do the same for you, promoting referral business back to you.

Or you are in retail sales.
And you have a number of departments in your business. Sales, finance, deliveries, service, IT etc etc…  You can link them all from your card, so when a customer needs that department, it’s all accessible.

Or you are in a Business Network Club.
Are you the .1% that walks around with a folder of business cards, and do the others in the club walk around with your cards, handy to present at every opportunity?
No more losing referrals through exposure to competitors in Google searches when prospects try and google for you. Flick your Associate card, along with the searchable list of your entire networking club. It’s DEAD SIMPLE! and suited to non tech users 🙂

Add links to other Associate cards, for example staff members, other departments, complementing businesses or trades, friends with similar interests, club members and more. Similarly, they can do the same for you, building and exposing your Associate network. Get more traffic more often with Associate.

And of course, there are the advantages you get from using Associate to find events, businesses, coupons, vouchers etc, nearby or near any location you enter!

If you don’t have Associate yet, get it for FREE at Google Play or the App Store.

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