Keeping it personal


Associate itself isn’t like a regular social platform, where you can troll and bring negativity to put others down. This is because you cant publicly respond to posts. A person might share something with you, ie pics, vids or news. But you can’t engage in a publicly trashing. You can choose to link your regular social accounts or not.

It’s your call and YOU’RE IN CONTROL.

Associate accounts set to personal can only be shared, not found.

So if you are using your Associate among friends, and not looking for public promotion, set it to personal. You can find that setting by opening YOUR card from the main menu, tapping the pencil in the top right corner and selecting ‘Personal use’ under basic details.

Sharing your card with friends is then super easy.  Open your Associate card and scroll down to ‘Share’

Here’s a short video that shows you just how easy it is to share with others.

If they don’t yet have the Associate app, they will get a prompt to download it for FREE. (They can open in a web page, but the App is best 🙂

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