Saving Associate cards of other users


Saving Associate cards of other users


It’s like bookmarking your favorites.

Saving Associate cards is the easiest way to save friends’ and colleagues’ details, so you can keep updated with news and offers.


Simply click ‘save’ on the Associate Card you wish to keep. You will then be asked if you would like to Associate with that card holder: clicking yes will give that card holder your details.

To view your saved cards, open the ‘My Associate Network’ page from the main menu. Click the page heading and then ‘Saved Associates’. You can click the ‘saved’ button at any time to remove that card from your saved Cards.

Saving Associate cards to your account is like bookmarking your favorites, but allows you to do a whole lot more. For example, when you save an Associate card, you can choose whether you exchange contact details or not. And if you do, but later change your mind, you can use the Forget Me feature.

The Forget Me feature is found in your main menu and allows you to see a current list of people with your contact information in their Associate contacts. So you can selectively or globally remove your details.

Watch the video above for more help on saving other user’s Associate Cards and sharing your information with them.

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