Report 2019: Smoother Lifestyle With Your Associate Card


The Associate Card is destined to be your go-to digital card.  Either as a personal or business card you will have a “smoother” lifestyle. You, your friends, your groups, clients, customers, family and more will all love the convenience this card brings to you.

You can download your Associate card for Free from “the Apple Store” or “Google Play”.  Your lifestyle will become just so much smoother!

Whether for personal or business use, the card has numerous ‘at-your-finger-tips uses’!

It couldn`t be any more friendly to you: you want to find a place to eat or nearby bar or restaurant or cafe? You need a doctor, a dentist, a carpenter, a plumber!

The Associate card will give you the satisfaction and convenience that your busy and time-poor lifestyle demands.  Just smoother!  And it`s Free! 

Download now from “the Apple Store” or “Google Play”.

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