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What is Associate?

Associate is the online 'Word of Mouth' platform that connects customers with the businesses their friends trust.


  • ​​MORE personal referrals
  • ​ATTRACT local customers
  • ​Get found through the networks of satisfied customers, friends & colleagues ​


​No Tech expertise ​& ​created​ in seconds

Associate ​appears like a simple 1 page website​ that you can use and promote.

It ​then ​matches and ​recommends those businesses​ through the networks of ​​​others.


  • ​​Avoid damaging​ or biased reviews
  • Add promotions​ & videos
  • ​Aggregates all of your Social media, web​site and legitimate online services into 1 ​click.

Referrals Are The Most Valuable​
Form Of Marketing


​Forbes Magazine

Word-of-mouth advertising is important for every business, as each happy customer can steer dozens of new ones your way.



Use Associate ​and ​grow ​your business

Designed to be easily shared across all devices.
** ​Nothing to install **    ​** Start in Seconds **

Keep your latest details and offers on the phones, tablets and computers of friends, family and satisfied customers. Create networks with other businesses that you trust and BOOST YOUR BUSINESS.
People don't walk around with your business cards, but they do have their phones! Associate keeps your latest details on the phones of staff, customers, colleagues and family, ready to easily share, accelerating powerful 'Word of Mouth'.

Increase YOUR 'Word of Mouth' referrals with Associate.

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