Use Associate at Events, Conferences and Public Gatherings


When you attend conferences, personal data is often distributed openly without user consent. I don’t know if unsolicited calls, email and your details shared without consent annoy you, but it REALLY annoys me. AND thankfully it’s now illegal in many countries. Diminishing, but still common none the less.

Associate to the rescue 🙂

For starters, when a presenter shares downloads, presentations or more using Associate, attendees can choose whether to allow contact details to be exchanged. And later, remove contact details if they no longer want to be on a specific presenters list. It’s good for everyone. A list is of little value if it’s full of either unsolicited or un-permissioned records. Attendees can pick and choose where they share their information.

And when it comes to networking at events, Associate cards can be shared, maintained, and even added to groups in a heartbeat. Associate incorporates individual contact notes for each record, and bulk emailing and texting to opt-in contacts is dead simple. Do you use Salesforce or Zoho? Integrate in seconds. Get compliant with GDPR privacy regulations by ensuring your data is opt-in with a great ‘Forget Me’ feature. Understand the platforms your market are actually engaging on with AssociateAnalytics.

Check out our video above.

And if you don’t yet have the Associate app, download it now.

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