Meet Associate


Welcome to the Associate family.

We believe in traditional values and put word of mouth and trust above unfounded or anonymous content. No biased or illegitimate reviews, tainted with negativity, bias, trolling or unsocial behavior. View and refer the businesses and offers that come personally recommended.

Our World becomes clearer through our ethos conveyed in Mission and Values.
Our Mission Statement:
‘To create integrated networks of contacts that grow through sharing’.
Our Vision Statement:
‘A World where we all benefit from each others networks and experiences’.

Associate is the revolutionary platform that safely connects users and refers businesses.

Associate makes it easier than ever to share your up-to-date contact information, active social media profiles and personal business recommendations via a single flick of your personalized Associate Card! No more spending countless hours searching for social media accounts and contact information, only to connect with unmaintained, abandoned or illegitimate accounts. Connect directly and safely. And at the same time, identify the businesses & services personally recommended by others.

Regardless of whether recommendations are for the most trusted mechanic in town, awesome marketing agencies that can help scale your business, or anything in between… you can rest easy in knowing your inner circle has already given these businesses their personal stamp of approval.

Is Associate for Social or Business Users?

Both! Business and social users alike will benefit from the streamlined all-on-one direct sharing of contact information without the need to search and guess. Personal users also benefit from being privy to their inner circle’s business recommendations, along with their real time special offers and discounts. Simultaneously, businesses benefit from the boost in referral business from users shared trusted networks and recommendations. In short? Everybody wins with Associate.

Here’s Why Everyone is Loving Associate:

  • Establish and do business with a trusted network of professionals and/or businesses based on the recommendations of those in your network.
  • Instantly share all of your contact information with whomever you choose with one click.
  • Experience live updates from businesses offering promotions, discounts, or special offers.
  • Businesses gain valuable referral exposure each time an Associate Card is shared


“Associate has given my small business more exposure than I could have ever dreamed of or been able to afford. The number of customers I have received has surpassed all my expectations!”
– Ken Whitestone

“I love using Associate because it makes balancing my work and social life a breeze. Between connecting with potential clients by sharing my card and seeing all of the awesome businesses my friends are loving, I find life to be just that much easier.”
– Meghan Fernandez

Any App. Anywhere. Anytime.

Part of what makes Associate so great is it finally allows you to integrate all of your social media, contact information, and/or websites into one easy to share format, via the Associate card. Your Associate card can be shared via text, email, QR code, social media, Whatsapp, Skype, Messenger, and many more! On top of this, because Associate functions like a mini website, you won’t be limited to just sharing solely amongst your fellow Associate users. You can share your Associate card with others whether they have the Associate app or not.

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