Make Local Headlines with Associate


A good headline attracts attention. In Associate, local businesses can use highlighted Local Headlines to stand out. When users are browsing in your proximity, your optional Local Headline can share an offer or news, aimed to attract business. It could be an offer, voucher, alert or just something to get people through the door … (or the phone to ring 🙂 Your call).

And of course, ASSOCIATE’S LOCAL HEADLINES are reflected INSTANTLY. That means the instant you make a change, users browsing your proximity or opening your Associate see the changes. No waiting of days or weeks for changes to show. It happens IMMEDIATELY.

Put up a flash sale. Add a voucher for 10 minutes. Whatever you’d like for as long or short a time. Update anywhere, anytime, as often as you’d like.

Don’t forget, you can also merge a communication to contacts who have Associated with you, alerting them of any specials, driving traffic back to your Associate, or better still, to your front door~!

Check out our video showing just how simple this is. SUPER SIMPLE!  Anyone can create LOCAL HEADLINES from a smartphone or any Internet-enabled device.

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