This is why I’m using Associate


First up, I have set up pretty well every social account I’ve seen over the last few years, but the last couple of years i’ve abandoned most in favor of Instagram and the occasional Snap. I know I should cancel the ones i’m not using, but rarely I might log in to the likes of Facebook or one of the others. Anyway, doesn’t cost me anything, so I just leave them there.

But every now and then,i’ll bump into someone who has sent a message on Messenger or What’s app or the like, moaning why I never responded.

Associate lets me nominate the social accounts I’m using, switching on or off whenever I choose. Friends searching for me in various platforms don’t find abandoned accounts. They open my Associate and get the current platforms, along with any current Associate post. Associate doesn’t come back at me with trolls or negativity if someone doesn’t like what I have to say. Because Associate lets me post my info, my opinion or whatever without the public feedback. If someone wants to engage, and I have a social account available, they can engage there. If not… I don’t have to bother with crazies :). I went for a part time job, so gave them my Associate with the social accounts that are current and that I know are legit.

And when i’m out and want to see whats happening nearby, it’s the same app. Associate lets me find events, bands and things on that are current. Because it’s so easy to use and changes are immediate, I get current, real info. Love it!

Marcus S.

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