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Google Photos

Google Photos –
FREE Image and Video Galleries

Google provides a great FREE image and video gallery platform that integrates with Associate. The size, at this time, is unlimited meaning you can hold as many photos and videos as you like.

You can, of course, add videos and images to your slider in your Associate card, but you might want to build galleries, product shots, family photos, How-to libraries and more. Google Photos is a great solution!

You can create albums, themes and along with a host of features, all shared via your Associate card. And as most of us have a Google account, it’s simply a case of logging into, clicking the Google Photos icon (look under the Google apps icon on the top of any Google page. ), uploading images and then creating a share link to add into your Associate card.

By default, AT THIS TIME, all images are private unless you choose to share. Associate is not responsible for any changes to Google policies.

The service is free and a sinch to install to your Assocate card, so get started now 🙂

Visit Google Photos

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