Sharing your Associate Card


Associate Cards are meant to be shared!

Sharing your Associate Card

Sharing your Associate Card is simple and connecting with friends, colleagues and customers will help you get the most out of the Associate App. Share your card to build your network and stay updated with offers and information from friends and businesses.

How to pass on your Associate Card.

Your Associate Card can be passed on through links, sound or by scanning your QR code.

To share your Card via the app, simply click ‘View My Associate’ through the main menu. Then click ‘Share’ to share by either sound or by link.

Sharing by link allows you to send a link to your Associate card via message, email or any social media platform you choose.

To share your Card via Sound with another Associate user in person (or group of people), simply click ‘via Sound’ and swipe up after they have clicked ‘Listen to Associate’ on their app. You can also click ‘Sound Share’ from the main menu.

Finally, another user can scan the QR code on your Associate card using their camera. If they have an older phone, they can use a QR Code Reader found in the main menu of the app.

Watch the short video above for more help on sharing your Associate Card, or head to our website for more information.

With Associate, your control what you want to show and where you choose to be seen.

Saving Associate cards to your account is like bookmarking your favorites, but allows you to do a whole lot more.

For example, when you save an Associate card, you can choose whether you exchange contact details or not. And if you do, but later change your mind, you can use the Forget Me feature.

The Forget Me feature is found in your main menu and allows you to see a current list of people with your contact information in their Associate contacts. So you can selectively or globally remove your details.

Check out the video on saving and exchanging contact information above.

And remember:
It’s no problem if the other person doesn’t have the Associate app. They can download it for free (we give them a link) or they can view as a web page. AND If they ever upgrade to be a VERIFIED USER, you earn 50 Associate points, redeemable as cash!

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