How to install plugins into your Associate card

Associate plugins

What are  plugins?

Plugins are external programs or systems that can integrate seamlessly into Associate adding a range of functions such as booking/ticketing systems, image galleries, shopping carts, appointments and calendars just to name a few. There are many of external sites and functions that will work with Associate, but we STRONGLY recommend only to use those we suggest or recommend as we have tested these and vouch they have come from reliable and trusted sources. Don’t compromise your Associate card by attempting to integrate unchecked plugins. (It could lead to the de-activation of your account if things go bad!)

Installing Plugins.

Firstly, click the link for the plugin or service you wish to integrate, from the Associate Plugins and Extras page and register for your service. Follow the instructions to set up your account, selecting the version which provides all the features you require.

Upon completing your set up you will be provided with a web address. Copy this address or write it down as you will need in the next steps.

  • Open your Associate app and select ‘View my Associate’ from the main menu and then click the pencil on the top right to edit your settings
  • Open your Social Media Links page and click the ‘+’ icon.
  • Select ‘For Social’ and then enter the copied web address into the URL, give a title and add a logo or icon. On our plugin pages in this website, we have icons you might like to use.

Click ‘SAVE’ and you are done. Your plugin is installed.

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