Giving you Analytics others can’t

Associate analytics

So, how are your customers really engaging? Facebook, Instagram, Snap, LinkedIn, WhatsApp???  What is the average customer satisfaction level of your staff members and who’s raising the bar? How many downloads of your white papers? How many people creating appointments? Associate lets you better understand the numbers to help you to make better informed decisions. What TV ad’s and timeslots are actually engaging your customers*? Our track-able Data on Sound transmissions lets you understand far more than you thought possible. If you have transmissions on YouTube, then 1pm and 7pm on TV, what are the stats .. REAL STATS… on engagement on each?

So on one hand, Associate helps grow your business through integrated and trusted networks – more refferals, but there’s ALOT more value under the hood if you really want to be savvy and make the right informed decisions!

*Multiple sound on sound tracking requires Enterprise membership
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