Hitting the road? SURPRISE SURPRISE – Look what’s around the corner!


When it comes to planning a trip, there is no shortage of online searches, providing websites on locations, what’s on guides and more. But Associate works quite differently and is simple enough for anyone to use.

So let me explain…

Firstly, Associate doesn’t track you, but it DOES let you see what’s nearby, either your current location or in fact any location you enter. So, let’s say you’re taking a road trip from Sydney to Brisbane. As you are approaching a smaller town, you might like to stop.. have lunch… find local attractions.

Open your Associate card and select view all > nearby. You can set your proximity from 1 kilometre all the way to 100. Instantly you can view what’s within the set proximity. You can then filter that list by entering a business type, keyword, business name or even #Hashtag. Have a look at the street view to check it out further! See any vouchers and offers in real time. Since the shop or business can update offers instantly, you have the likes of a ‘Last Minute’ or current offers list to put you in the loop of the latest information.

Or, let’s say you are on a cruise ship, landing in a strange port. Let Associate show you where the cafes are, lunch spots or even shopping hotspots and sales. View maps on getting to the places that interest you.

And the best part is… It’s so simple and intuitive. You don’t need a degree to use Associate.

Download Associate now (if you haven’t already)

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