Is Associate spying on me?



mah-haaaaaaaOne of the big points of difference with Associate is that we don’t track users, we don’t use personal data and we go to lengths to keep you in control of YOUR information.

You will see the occasional Facebook ad. These ARE served based on your location, to make them relevant. For example, if you are in Pittsburgh, you might not find value in a promotion for Tasmanian beer :), so we tailor the ads displayed to be location relevant, with NO PERSONAL DATA shared. Why the occasional ad? We all need to pay the bills. The occasional ad, brings in a few shackles (Monty Python- Preferred currency in The Meaning of life) towards our overheads

If you ‘Associate’ with another Associate user, and you decide to share your information, you can remove with our ‘Forget Me’ feature found in the main menu of your Associate account. This way YOU can see all accounts with whom you have shared your contact information, and remove selectively or entirely at any time.

But as for Associate using your personally identifiable info, it doesn’t happen. We don’t track, spy, peek, provide access to or share your data to 3rd parties. When you log in, you may be asked to let Associate view your contacts. This is so YOU can save users to your contacts or access phone numbers and emails. We don’t use your contacts… You do :). Similarly when we want to access your location, it is so you can view things nearby, like vouchers, events, bands, businesses. It’s let’s you use your data, not us.

So, enjoy Associate and the wild features it has for you. Find value in the community and when you find good businesses, vouchers or news, SHARE AWAY 🙂

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