Claiming your business

Is your Associate business all set up for you already?

Can't find your business listing to claim? CLICK HERE

Right now we are formally launching in Australia, but you can get started anywhere on the planet.

So you will see we have every state and territory in Australia providing easy ways for you to see whats nearby, just by opening your Associate app. We have been able to provide businesses in a wide range of categories. And right now there are many buisinesses waiting to be claimed by their rightful owners.

Why claim your business?

Once successfully claimed,, you can customise your business information, add offers, incentives, vouchers and news. Add videos and images. Through our integration with Google's business listings, we provide street views too in order to help customers choose your business.

And you can get started for free.

  • Simply download our app from the App Store or Google play and search for your business.

  • If your business is listed and unclaimed, click the 'Claim this Business' link. If its not yet listed, create a listing from your FREE app. It's dead simple :)
  • Fill in the info and send us a copy of a document to show you are the legal owner. ie Rates notice, bank statement, utilities bill etc. (ake a photo using your phone and send it to us via the claim page in the app)

Once we give it the OK, we will send log in details to your business listing. It;s that simple.

Can't Find your business listing?

No problem! Just download the Associate app, click 'join for free' and add your details. Our Get Started wizard will have your listing up and live in no time at all! And if you have any problems, ask support for help. Associate is designed to be totally simple no matter your experience, or lack of, with techy things :)!!!

Associate's mission is to provide you with more customers without lifting a finger. Just claim, or create, your business listing, fill in the basics and we connect you with real local customers!

Get started today in the Associate Revolution.
Why Associate? Because we do more :)

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