Changing your Associate address


How to change your Associate address


Show your current location

Changing your address on your Associate Card can be useful, particularly if you have a business that moves around. This could be a food van, a brand which shows at various markets and fairs, a band performing at different venues, a sports team playing away or anything happening in another location where you want to be found.

Changing your Associate address is simple and instant, so you show up in local searches straight away.


  • To change your address, tap ‘View my Associate’ through the main menu of the app.
  • Tap the pencil in the top right-hand corner of the screen and then ‘Basic Details’.
  • Scroll down to ‘Address’ and click the location icon.
  • Once you’ve typed your location, select it from the list, tap ‘Done’ and then ‘Save’.

Watch the video above for more information on changing your Associate Card’s address.

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