Building your Associate network


Building your Associate network


Why build an Associate network?

Promoting other Associate cards on your own card is a great way to recommend reliable people and businesses.

Let’s say you’re using your Associate card for your carpentry business. You can use your card to promote your friend who is a reliable plumber, electrician or landscaper.

Most importantly, it’s a great way for your friends and colleagues to recommend you. Your Associate card can be used to promote anything: your favorite café, restaurant or contacts you know and trust.


Using Associate Card analytics, accessed through the main menu of the app, you can see how many times their card has been opened from your own card.

Watch the video above on building your Associate network and how to get the most out of the Associate app.

Are you in business?

Try setting your card as business to display publicly.
Associate helps drive FREE BUSINESS AND REFERRALS !

With Associate, your control what you want to show and where you choose to be seen.


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