Hi Business House Australia Members,

Here is a video to help you get going. When using the web version at www.associate.global any updates we make are automatically available to you. So there is nothing to update!

If you would like to take advantage of the special 30% discount to BHA members, you can proceed to make your payment by this special link: CLICK HERE and pay $USD63 for 12 months.

PLEASE NOTE: These discounts are not forever, but are available now. And should you upgrade to Associate Pro version now, you lock the discount on future renewals. You can cancel at any time as there are no lock in contracts.

Would you like everything done for you?

If you would like the Associate team to set everything up for you, we have a special Pro Set Up optionally available. This is normally a once-off fee of $99 but for BHA members is reduced right now by 50% to $USD49.50 (in addition to the discounted $63). So if you want everything done for you, CLICK HERE. Allow 48 hours for a full pro setup.