Associate connects your act or event with online ticketing

Assocte connects with online-ticket selling

Entertainers, artists, events, bands…

  • Not only can you now promote that you are performing nearby.
  • And that you might even have some last-minute or standby tickets available for a limited time…
  • But you can connect your Associate card to any online ticketing systems to allow nearby app users to purchase tickets!

And it’s dead simple.

connect ticketing to your Associate card

Set up your ticketing at any of the online systems such as

Maybe your event is already listed at, or ??. It doesn’t matter which one. They all work with Associate 🙂
Adding your event to any ticketing system will create a unique web address for your tickets. This address will be used in your Associate settings below.

As Associate users are checking whats on nearby, they can now click for tickets!

How to set up in Associate? That’s the easiest bit!

  • Log into your Associate account and then proceed to the settings page with your Social media links.
  • Click the ‘+’ icon and that you are adding a social (NOT a review) icon. Here is a ticket icon you could choose to save to your phone or computer and then select as your icon.
    (Note this icon is licensed for use only in the Associate system)
  • In the URL box, paste the address of your ticket page from your ticketing system of choice.
    For example in Eventbrite it may look like this

And then click save.
BTW…Associate’s analytics will let you know how many users have clicked through in any given date range!

App users can choose to connect, or Associate, with you via the Associate app, meaning that you can keep them updated of performances, news and of course pre-sell future events using Associates messaging functions.


NOTE:,,, Ticketek and Bass have no affiliation or commercial agreement with Associate. We link you to help you sell more tickets!

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