Add Image galleries, video galleries, ticketing systems, calender apps, booking systems and more. Associate has you covered :)

Do More with Associate

Google Photos lets you create albums and galleries. Photos can easily be added to these galleries directly from your phone, tablet or computer. And it’s free! When you create your album, you are assigned a unique web address.

Copy this address and then log into Associate and view your Associate card.
Click the pencil on the top right of the screen.
Click Social Media Links.
Click the + button and select ‘For Social’. (not For Review)
Paste the Unique gallery address in the ‘Add URL’ box.
Click the ‘+’ icon and select an image to use as an icon for your gallery. You might find a great icon at ‘iconfinder.com’ or create your own and save to your phone or computer.

Now click the save button and your Associate card now can open your Google Photo’s Gallery.

Similarly, you might want to attach Calendly for scheduling appointments, Eventbrite for ticketing, Menulog or Uber Eats, OR ANY of the multitudes of services available on the Internet. There is literally something for every purpose.

You can even get more adventurous by then using Zapier on your selected 3rd party service. Zapier can automate subsequent actions online as a result of an interaction. For example, you might want to trigger an automated SMS response when someone makes a booking, and then trigger a staff alert. This is all optional, but all possible from your Associate card.

Get adventurous and productive with Associate.

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