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What is Associate?

Associate is the online 'Word of Mouth' platform that connects customers with the businesses their friends trust.

​How does it work?

​We all ​prefer the recommendations from people we trust above those from strangers.

Associate is the perfect tool for sharing the businesses we trust.
Associate brings together businesses and customers using​ powerful 'word of mouth' matching.

​You create your own Associate card

​When you​ register​, our card creation program will take you ​step by step through ​everything you need to enter to create your card.

You can add a logo, photos, videos, special offers and more to create the right impressions.

Because your card is online, if you ​​change address or phone number etc. everybody that has saved your card sees only the ​current information.

​Start sharing your card with friends/customers

​Click the share button on your card and send it to friends or customer​s via SMS, email or any of your social media accounts.
The person ​​receiving it can read or share ​your card, even if they don't have an Associate account.
If they have an Associate account they can also 'Trust' your card​.

Your friends can easily find the cards you have 'Trusted' if they are wanting recommendations from you.

​Save cards ​to easily find the​m later

​When you find a card via an Associate search or when you receive it from someone, you ​​can save it to easily find it later.

​Save paper business cards to your account

​You can​ scan in all those paper cards you have collected and ​save them to your ​account.
These can be easily viewed and shared using the power of Associate.

Easily share ​cards with friends

​If you find an Associate card that a friend might be interested in, ​just ​​click the share button on ​ it and send it to ​them via SMS, email or any of your social media accounts. 

Easily ​find cards ​trusted by your friends

​You can look up your friend's Associate card and click on their 'Trusted Network' and open any cards they have ​'Trusted​'.

Or you can do a 'Word of mouth​' search for say ​'Plumber​' and see cards from Plumbers that have been recommended by any of the cards you have trusted or ​their  ​'Trusted networks​'.

​​Can I get a private card?

A lot of our members have private cards.

​Cards marked as ​'Private' can't be ​found by strangers. 

These are usually the personal cards of individuals, used by them to collect cards they can share with their friends.

Your 'Private' card can still be shared with your friends.

​​​Can I try it before I register?

​​Visitors are always welcome at Associate

​Anyone can view, search or share​  cards of the business​es on Associate.

​Just go to ​'https://associate.​global' on your Internet browser and click on the search button.

​You will be able to search through all of the business cards that are already there.

Why not try a 'Nearby' and a 'By Location' ​search and see what you can find.

You need to be ​registered and logged in to do a 'Word of Mouth' search

​Can I get a private card?

A lot of our members have private cards.

​Cards marked as ​'Private' can't be ​found by strangers. 

These are usually the personal cards of individuals, used​ to collect​, share and trust card​s.

Your 'Private' card can still be shared with your friends ​and they can re-share it but it can never be found in a public search.

​Is it free?

There are free ​​cards with lots of features

​​You can create your own free business or personal card and do ​all of the things we have discussed above. 

Your free membership allows you to collect and share cards and do all of the searches available.

You can even scan in all those paper cards you have collected and ​save them to your ​account.

The best way to find out every thing you can do is Register and start using it.

It wont cost you anything.

We offer a low cost upgrade with many more features

​For a small annual fee you can upgrade to a full ​Business ​membership.

​Extra features include:

Priority placements in our listings.

A video or image showing in the search results.

Ability to add notes on ​any card i.e. Bob's wife is ​Mary and he plays golf every Thursday.

Receive powerful analytics on how your card is being shared and how many times it was found in searches.

​And much more.

​What else should I know?

​Join for free and try it out

​​Because the free version has no ongoing charges, why not ​join now and try it out.

There are ​too many ways ​that an Associate membership can make your life easier​ to list​ here.

The more you use Associate, the more you will discover what you can get out of it.


  • ​​MORE personal referrals
  • ​ATTRACT local customers
  • ​Get found through the networks of satisfied customers, friends & colleagues ​


​No Tech expertise ​& ​created​ in seconds

Associate ​appears like a simple 1 page website​ that you can use and promote.

It ​then ​matches and ​recommends those businesses​ through the networks of ​​​others.


  • ​​Avoid damaging​ or biased reviews
  • Add promotions​ & videos
  • ​Aggregates all of your Social media, web​site and legitimate online services into 1 ​click.

Referrals Are The Most Valuable​
Form Of Marketing


​Forbes Magazine

Word-of-mouth advertising is important for every business, as each happy customer can steer dozens of new ones your way.



Use Associate ​and ​grow ​your business

Designed to be easily shared across all devices.
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Keep your latest details and offers on the phones, tablets and computers of friends, family and satisfied customers. Create networks with other businesses that you trust and BOOST YOUR BUSINESS.
People don't walk around with your business cards, but they do have their phones! Associate keeps your latest details on the phones of staff, customers, colleagues and family, ready to easily share, accelerating powerful 'Word of Mouth'.

Increase YOUR 'Word of Mouth' referrals with Associate.

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