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Associate - The 'Word of Mouth Referral' System

How does it work?

Associates Trusted Networks shows businesses & services that you trust and are happy to recommend. Check out our explainer video for more detail below!

Think Trusted Businesses

Think Associate.

Share Communities

Build and share communities of friends, colleagues, trusted businesses, services, interest groups, startups, projects & more. Then group related projects or services and share it all with a click or a flick. Or share using social media, text, email, WhatsApp, QR code and more.

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Create and share the businesses you trust

Which businesses do your friends' use? Where do they shop?

Find & share the businesses and services your friends' trust. No negativity or fake reviews. One-click endorses the businesses & communities you trust.

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Nearby or by location

Open Associate and find nearby businesses. Find last minute & real-time offers. Take the opportunity or just share it.

Businesses: INSTANTLY create-edit-remove offers in REAL-TIME, automatically shared by your customers & seen when prospects are nearby
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Combine the ways you engage in 1 tool.

Share the ways you choose to engage.
Add Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Appointment & booking systems, Public calendars, shopping carts & more. Friends and colleagues no longer need to search. Pass on your Associate. Your current digital world is just one click away for friends, family, customers and colleagues. And when you do make changes, your Associate is updated instantly.